UI for Haven Kakumäe .

2018 . User interface design for the smart lighting system of Haven Kakumäe harbor 

         . while working as an in-house designer at Nordic Automation Systems (NAS)

About Haven Kakumäe Marina .

This Tallinn yacht harbour is one of the first 'intelligent harbours' in Northern Europe that was opened to the public in June 2017. One of the port's uniqueness is the smart lighting project that was completed by Nordic Automation Systems in collaboration with KEHA3 (lighting and service pedestals industrial design). The harbor was equipped with service pedestals (Coral) that allowed visitors access to water and electricity, and smart lighting. The completed solution is using LoRa technology to monitor water and electricity consumption. This system also allows to monitor and manage all the lights individually. The ability to control light intensity, work mode and movement means that unnecessary over-lighting can be avoided. 


With the LoRaWAN™ intelligent and lighting management system, the marina is able to make more informed decisions towards energy and maintenance costs.

Kakumae Haven scheme-01.png

Brief .

Visualize the graphical user interface to display real-time data on the lighting and service pedestal infrastructure of the Kakumäe harbor.

Kakumae ui-02.png

Design Process .

There were several tasks in this project, but one of them was to work with a graphic plan that would show the real time data. It also had to fit into the existing layout.

We quickly realized that the plan had to be more simplified to have less confusing information. So we moved from the architectural plan to the schematic, leaving only the relevant information that would be easier to read.


Legend .

We discussed what information is important and how to show it (eg the luminaire is switched on, the luminaire is off, broken, etc.). There are also several different types of lighting and service stations in the port. There was a need to develop symbols to display everything.

Luminare ON

Luminare OFF

NO communication


Looking for a signal

Service pedestal

Going Live .

After in-house development, it went up. The result is a clear graphical interface that is fast and easy to read. The map provides clear information about real-time data. Different symbols for various types of lamps also provide a quick overview of which luminaires have problems or not. As the entire system is remotely controlled and traceable, the company can make more cost-effective decisions.

HEX Color Code .









real time map-based simulation


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