Trivet Pliks-plaks .


Small, simple, compact - this is a PLIKS-PLAKS trivet, consists of two blocks - a cross for smaller pots and pans, two separate blocks for a larger one. If you don’t need it at the moment, put it in the drawer - a small thing takes even less space than before. However, several trivets together serve as a table decoration. Pliks-plaks comes in oak and thermo-ash and is created for .

Wooden boards Fold .


Set of 3. The FOLD set includes one cutting board and two different sizes of serving boards. FOLD boards are made of precious wood in minimalist design. Finished with linseed oil.

Small (S) - 180x140 mm
Medium (M) - 280x140 mm 

Large (L) - 280x200 mm

Nominee 2018 .

The biggest FOLD is perfect as a cutting board. Both sides can be used, according to the need.


One fold helps to keep the table clean when cutting bread or tomatoes and it is easier to transfer food into the pan.

The other way around, using straight side, it is just easier to lift it up.

The small ones serves as a simple plates for everyday meals and are just perfect as a cheese and butter boards.

FOLD's are not only the functional kitchen items but also beautiful details in any kitchen.



Sauna heater AIR

Design Concept . Sauna heater

Leightweight chair BRANCH

Prototype . Looking for manufacturer

Stockholm Furniture Fair, Greenhouse

Stockholm Furniture Fair . Stand Design

Table LINE

Design Concept . Looking for manufacturer

Limited edition prints URBAN



Client . Saaremaa Ettevõtjate Liit

Saaga Vodka package design design studio minumo triin maripuu

Saaga Vodka Package Contest

Doorhandle SWAN

Abloy Design Competition